6 Business Uses for QR Codes

Mar 29, 2011 by Aaron Rubman

Quick Response (QR) Codes are the next step in integrating the physical and digital worlds. With a click and an app anyone can use their smartphone to read one of these matrix style bar codes. We have had good luck with i-nigma 4 on the iPhone and QR Droid on the Android OS.

And generating a bar code for a website, phone number, SMS, or block of text can be just as easy. I use http://qrcode.kaywa.com/, but there are many options available.

The QR codes were originally developed by Denso-Wave in Japan to …

Then and Again

Dec 22, 2010 by Aaron Rubman

2010 Predictions in Review
A year ago I made several predictions about how the online world of 2010 would shape up. As the year comes to a close I thought it would be a good idea to see how close I came to the mark.
1. Smart Phone Bandwidth will become more expensive
True! -  In January, both AT&T and Verison redesigned their mobile pricing plans in a way that increased the cost of unlimited data, and in June AT&T did away with unlimited data plans altogether.
2. HTML 5.0 will become the de facto language for cutting edge …

Apple Playing a Dangerous Game with iPad

Feb 2, 2010 by Aaron Rubman

Apple is playing a dangerous game with its new iPad release.

Like the iPhone before it, the iPad seems positioned to sell itself as a digital multi-tool: all the apps of an iPhone, same G3 wireless connectivity, additional functionality as an e-reader, multi-touch recognition (allowing true on screen keyboards) and the size and processing speed of a laptop.

However the iPad also has one of the same shortcomings of the iPhone, no Flash.

In a handheld device where all internet access is still something of a novelty visitors who can’t load a page will simply (and correctly) assume that it does not have …

Future of the Mobile Web Seen in the Land of the Rising Sun

Jan 20, 2010 by Aaron Rubman

Until Apple’s release of the iPhone and accompanying App Store, Japan was more or less the undisputed leader in mobile technology and innovation.  Roughly 90% of the population owns some form of mobile phone.  Their mobile networks are faster and cover a greater portion of the country.

What’s more interesting, 8 years ago the breakdown of revenue from Japan’s mobile internet looked remarkably similar to the current breakdown of revenues for the rest of the world.  These are just a small number of the many observations to appear in Morgan Stanley’s 424-page Mobile Internet Report.

Japan’s market anticipated the popularity of recreational …

We Can Rebuild It… Better, Faster, Smarter

Jan 20, 2010 by Aaron Rubman

No, this isn’t the 6-Million Dollar Man we’re talking about, but your telephone.

The combined market share of smartphones has been growing, and not even the Great Recession could slow it down.

$6 million is a pittance to this behemoth.  Palm alone grossed approximately $20 million on smart phones last year, and they aren’t even considered the industry leader.

Proof in the Usage

The NPD Group found that smartphones made up 28% of all cell phones purchased in the 2nd Quarter of 2009, up from only 12% at the end of 2007.  On top of that, Gerry Purdy of Frost & Sullivan predicts that …

What the Internet of 2010 Will Look Like

Dec 14, 2009 by Aaron Rubman

The start of a new year is a time to think about the past, but also an opportunity to look to the future.  Such endeavors are never certain, but here are five of my predictions for the coming year.

Smart Phone Bandwidth will become more expensive.

As more and more consumers switch to smart phones, their carriers will run out of signal carrying capacity.  In order to pay for additional infrastructure and research, these companies will monetize bandwidth access.  While some consumers will still be able to pay for full speed connectivity, most will have to accept inferior connectivity.

With less bandwidth available, …

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